Australian Construction gets extruded PVC wall formwork system

Australian formwork construction material supplier Big River Group has brought a new extruded PVC wall formwork system designed to deliver significant cost and timesavings, especially for the construction industry.

Constructed by Robert Rech and Peter Zardo in 2013 and sold in Australia through Big River Group, Permaform is a wall formwork system that is filled with concrete to serve as a structural element. It will last lifelong.

The old method Traditional methods such as conservative formed concrete, pre-cast concrete and blockwork systems used in the construction industry for loadbearing walls are labour intensive and inflexible.

Rech and Zardo combined endevoured to construct a solution that would be sustainable in the current building climate.

According to Rech, the construction industry continually discovering chances and plan to reduce costs and generate efficiencies through modular and efficient construction that not only yield savings in cost and time, but also positively impact safety, waste, durability, flexibility and sustainability result. He explains that Permaform addresses these needs and delivers a fast and economical formwork solution in standard wall thicknesses of 110, 150 and 200 mm.

The PVC construction results in a lightweight formwork product that simplifies installation compared to traditional brick or concrete walls, as needless to use cranes or other lifting equipment. Permaform’s speed of construction and wall thickness decrease means builders who have trialled the system have been able to achieve cost savings with less time and labour required on projects, and be more competitive in the market.

Designed and produced for Australian conditions, Permaform is compliant with Australian Standards AS3600 Concrete & AS3610 Formwork and satisfies all relevant aspects of the BCA and AS/NZ 3837:1998 fire provisions and acoustic, WH&S and construction structural integrity.

Australian Construction gets extruded PVC wall formwork system