Inland Rail Construction Up Ahead in 2015

The Chairman of the Inland Rail Implementation Group announces construction on most important sections of the new rail infrastructure linking Melbourne to Brisbane will begin in 2015.

Former Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson, believes one of the first construction structures will be to build the section of track linking North Star, in northern NSW, and Yelarbon, in southern Queensland.

The railway will pass through Narrabri, Moree and North Star. Journalist Johannah McOwan of have reported it recently.

“The complexity of some of the technical challenges of constructing the rail line has caused delays in getting the project up and running. In some areas more work than we might have thought would have been needed, will be needed," the former Deputy PM reiterated.

Mr Anderson added that the full report in the Government's hands pretty soon in the new year and in our view, that will coincide with work that can begin as soon as the Government can open its chequebook.

Producers will save expected New South Wales grain around $20 a tonne on transport costs, once the rail line is up and running. From an agricultural perspective, it links the four most productive agricultural shires in Australia.

“People say it should be at least a $20 a tonne saving if we really got the infrastructure right. That will be very beneficial for grain producers.” He said.

Inland Rail Construction Up Ahead in 2015